ALM Series, Altra Worm Gear Box

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Premium ‘AL’ series grearboxes are the manufactured with high quality material and mordern design in order to guarantee the maximum reliablility and life.

Housing,flanges and feet are made out of aluminium alloy upto size 090and size 110 and above cast iorn is used.

Wormshafts are made of steel and case hardended to 58-60 HRC and profile ground.

The thread grinding in the gear ratios that the module value permits is carried out with ZI-Profile. This improves the contact between the toothed surfaces and theefore performance and reduces operating noise.

The wormwheel has a G20 cast iron hub which a casting in AB1 Bronze RIM is fitted .

To guarantee long life, ball bearing of reputed make used.

Lubrication of Greaboxes :

Gearboxes are supplied filled with synthetic oil grade ISO VG 320 which is virtually maintenance free and does not requied oil change.

Measurement Units

  • i = Ratio of the gear unit
  • n1 = Input speed (rpm)
  • T2′ = Motor output torque(NM)
  • Tc = Ambient temperature (‘C)
  • T2 = Gear Box outout torque (NM)
  • P = Gear Unit Power (Kw)
  • FS = Service Factor
  • n2 = Output speed (rpm)