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Crompton Greaves

Laminated Yoke D.C. Motor

Special Features

Fully laminated yoke construction offering excellent commutation - suitable for 6 pulse thyristor power supply

Skewed Rotor construction- ensuring low noise

Vacuum pressure impregnation for armature winding - ensuring high insulation strength

High dynamic response

Compact, low weight and highly energy efficient

Larger size of bearings - for longer life and trouble free operations

Constant / uniform pressure brush holders

Easy fitting and retro-fitting of filters


Plastic Extruder
Printing Machines
Steel Rolling Mills and Wire Rod Mills
Sugar Industry
Textile Mills
Apron Feeders
Machine Tools
Rubber Industry
Cement Mills
Cable Industry
Paper Mills
Material Handling

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Laminated Yoke D.C. Motor Manufactured at Ahmednagar

Range : 1.2 KW to 450 KW

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