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Mark Elektriks

Twenty-five years back Mark Elektriks started manufacturing of Special Purpose Electric Motors. Over the years they have developed and supplied Custom Built Motors to the prestigious industries for various applications.

Equipped with full-fledged Design, Manufacturing, Quality control and Testing facilities, they are fully geared up for manufacturing Speciality Motors.

Their drives & motors have a wide market in Plastic Industry, Wire Drawing & Enameling Industry, Chemical Industry (Centrifuges, Pumps etc), Sugar Industry & a host of other industries. They can cater to the demands of reputed Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as reputed Actual Users for Eddy Current Coupling Variable Speed Drives, Torque Motors, D.C. Motors 7 Synchronous Motors of various types.

Their nationwide network of Area Representatives has offices at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad & Chennai. Their representatives are very experienced & practical minded engineers who provide necessary assistance to their customers in drive selection with excellent after sales service.


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