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  • Standard four pole design for all frames ensuring optimum use of active materials.
  • Best quality electrographite carbon brushes, robust & ample commutator design, Sturdy brush boxes 7-rocker ring construction.
  • Skewed armature slots ensure smooth & quiet operation over wide speed range 15:1 ratio.
  • Completely laminated field system including main poles, inter poles and yoke. Laminations are hot or cold rolled silicon steel sheets. This reduces iron losse3s & improves dynamic performance & commutation.
  • Compensation windings are provided to neutralise armature reaction, prevention distortion of main field & ensure perfect commutation over a wide sped range & rapid load changes.
  • Dynamically balanced rotor.


  • C.I. Frames in foot and flange mounting.
  • Enclosures :
  1. Screen Protected Drip Proof (SPDP)
  2. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled & Surface Cooled (TEFC & TESC)
  3. Screen Protected with Forced Ventilation (SPFV)
  • Service factor 1.0 with standard maximum ambient temp. of 40 degrees Celcius.
  • Insulation Class B/F
  • Compliance to relevant IS Standards
  • Tachogenerator or electromagnetic brake at NDE end.
  • Thermal protection embedded in field windings.
  • Range : 0.18 KW to 15.0 KW

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